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Benefits & Advantages

In this poster just by looking at it you will find all the information to treat chronic pain.

Easy to use chart in English, Spanish and French, do not need formal training or flip pages of acupuncture books.

Laminated, full color, pain treatment points are color and position coded for quick localization.

Easy to find all the indicated acupuncture and trigger points to treat intractable chronic pain.

Easy to locate the GPPR points help liberate endorphins produced and stored in the body.

Easy to find the Xi-Cleft points where Energy is accumulated to put it in motion.

Arrows indicate the direction of Energy flow and where the meridians connect.

Easy to locate the forbiden points in acupuncture, moxa, and during pregnancy.


"I have been using the Quick Reference Chart to reduce chronic pain for less than a month and getting good results. I really like the instructions on how to use the poster. Thank you very much for such a good and useful product." Maria, FL, United States

"My doctor prescribed me a TENS unit (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator) many years ago. I had to use it many times a day for the chronic pain in my back. Since I started using the poster, the pain decreases faster and I don't need to use the TENS as often." Mark, Chronic Pain sufferer, United States

"My nephew is studying acupuncture and he loves the Quick Reference Chart for pain because of all the information it has." Betty, GA, United States

"Very satisfied with the Quick Reference Chart. It is easy to use and effective for pain treatment. Thank you." Gladys, OH, United States

"Love love love the poster and the results I am getting in my clients with chronic pain, thank you." Marylin, Massage Therapist

"I am impressed with all the information the Quick Reference Chart for Pain has as well as how easy it is to understand its use." Best Regards, Juanita, Acupuncturist.

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